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Thread: Leather straps

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    Leather straps

    So a general question, the leather used for straps, is it the same as the leather used in upholstery, or does it have to be treated differently before it's usable.

    Only I have some leather that's going spare and figure I would give it a go at some point, but also i might chuck some out to guys on here to give it a better home for a donation to the fund raiser if it's any good to anyone.

    I will get a photo up of the colour, thickness all that stuff if it's needed.

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    Be interested to see what youíve got ... the stuff I started out on for making straps as remnants could probably be defined as Ďfinest carseatí.. far too soft and rather unpleasant to wear. Whilst I donít know if thatís the same sort as you have - I suspect most of that ilk had been treated with some protecting type spray/plasticiser.. plain old fresh from the tannery horse/cow seems to work ok.

    ... what is it youíve got..? :-)


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    It's a hide from a sofa, that never got used, so sat in storage before getting marked for the skip.

    To the best of my knowledge other than the Color this is untreated, I will get photos up.

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    Pm me for photos as I can't seem to do anything to get them on here.

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