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Thread: Crown and Hands for a PRS-53

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    Crown and Hands for a PRS-53

    Does anyone know what size crown is required for a PRS-53? I am slowly acquiring the bits to rebuild a PRS-53 having started with a case I found on eBay.

    I now have a dial and movement with some help from the forum and from Eddie.

    I think the stem will have tap size 10 for a 2801. Will the tube therefore be 1.00mm?

    I could just buy crown, hands and a movement spacer from Zeno but I am loathe too: partly because they want quite a high markup and partly because of the cloning of the '53 and selling them under their own brand.

    I have got the hand measurements but I am also struggling to find the hour hand with the slight taper.
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    Finally to the crown. The Precista is fitted with a non-screw down, O ring protected crown. This measures 3.9mm in width and 6mm in diameter with coarse enough splines to allow for easy manual winding. It is not as large in diameter as those crowns fitted to the likes of the Omega 53 though features a bevel to the case side which is very attractive and assists in pulling the crown out for time setting. The tube is some 2mm in diameter and there is absolutely no wobble from the crown in either winding or setting positions.
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