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Thread: Maastricht, southernmost town of the Netherlands. Perfect spot for a city trip

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    Maastricht, southernmost town of the Netherlands. Perfect spot for a city trip

    Now threads are posted here about an idea for a city trip. Here's one - and for me the most rewarding destination in The Netherlands. Amsterdam - nice. Utrecht - has nice canals. Maastricht - has a lot more to offer.

    Maastricht is built on the reminiscence and ruins of a Roman fortress overlooking the Meuse river (for us: Maas). Maastricht oozes it's history everywhere, not only because of the Romans, but also because the Catholic Church built a few incredible nice churches, monasteries etc.

    Nowadays, Maastricht is one of the few places where shops are not closed due to the upcoming internet sales. Brick and mortar shops are still around - one even prettier than the other. I dare to say that locals are the best-dressed people of the country. If you happen to take your wife with you, be sure that your c/card is 'robust'. According to my wife - who travels a lot around the world - it's easier to find beautiful dresses for her work in Maastricht than in New York. The same goes for shoes and design furniture. And there are a bunch of (vintage) watch stores as well...

    About food? Well I wouldn't know where to begin and to end. We had dinner in Le Courage. A small restaurant run by Nigel, a chef from the UK. The restaurant doesn't have a menu. You tell how many courses you'd like ( 3 - 8 ) and what you don't like and/ or your allergy. From there it's a mystery dinner so to speak. Fantastic. But honestly, Maastricht has at least 50 - 100 restaurants with the same quality of food.

    Staying? We stayed in an old monastery, the Kruisherenhotel. Great design, great ambience within an old building.

    Maastricht is exactly 200 kms from Amsterdam. There's a train between the two cities and a brand new motorway (A2) to get you there. Maastricht has an airport as well, but I dont know if there are planes between the UK and Maastricht.

    Really, highly recommended

    Kruisherenhotel. breakfast lounge

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    I worked there for 6 months commuting weekly from Southampton via Amsterdam or Düsseldorf. That was a serious commute. The city was lovely, and I really enjoyed my time there. Stayed in the Eden Designhotel which was always pic n mix as every room was different. Lots of students as it is a university town, and I did get my warmest hat, scarf, gloves and coat nicked on a night out at a student bar and had to walk back to the hotel when it was -15 C. Great night out though 😄

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    It’s a beautiful place, with a slightly different feel to the rest of the Netherlands due to its geographical location & extensive history. I spent a pleasant Summers’ afternoon with a few cold beers on the lovely old Vrijthof & Onze Lieve Vrouweplein squares.

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