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Thread: Nikon D7200

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    Nikon D7200

    Hi All
    hoping someone with a lot more experience, would be able to give me some pointers..
    I have the d7200 and was wondering what setting I should be using to take a great picture of the moon.
    thanks in advance


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    A tripod and a long lens!

    Camera settings wise - AF-S (or manual focus to infinity) and spot or possibly centre weighted metering (depending what else may or may not be included in the shot), depth of field shouldn't be an issue (unless you are including other stuff in shot), so whatever f-stop your lens is sharpest at (most will be sharpest around f5.6-f11).

    *NB - never done any moon or astro photography, so am using photo logic rather than direct experience - other photographers are available!

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