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Thread: Any Lightroom users out there?

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    Any Lightroom users out there?

    Iíve been using Lightroom for a number of years and Iím currently on LR5.

    I really need to move on. LR5 doesnít recognise the RAW files from my Fuji XT20 ( so need to convert to DNG which is another step in the workflow I donít need). And as of this morning the Maps ( geotagging) module has ceased to work. Apparently there have been updates to Google maps so no longer compatible with LR5.

    My options seem to be:

    1. Upgrade to LR6. Relatively cheap but probably only a short term fix - and then the whole thing starts again
    2. Sign up to LR Classic. Fixes the problems but for an amateur like me the subscription 10 USD / month is a bit steep.
    3. Move to something else eg Exposure X3 or Luminar. Not keen on having to learn a complete new system and the thought of moving 20,000 images onto a new platform and re-cataloguing is pretty daunting.

    Has anyone out there been through the same process?

    I figured Iíd get more sensible advice on here than the average photo forum which seem to be populated by pixel-peepers which Iím just not interested in.

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    From time to time you can get the year sub for Photoshop and Lightroom cheap. Last two years I have got it on Prime day for £69 last and £79 this. If you are heavily invested in LR cataloging it will be a pita to move unless ther is a way to export it.

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