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Thread: Hamilton Model 21 Ships chronometer

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    Hamilton Model 21 Ships chronometer

    Well been wanting one of these for years prices were all ways higher than I wanted to pay. Then a few weeks ago saw one cheaper than I seen in a while with a buy it now so no bidding war so I got it. They normally sell 1300.00 US more than I paid so a good deal even after I pay 400 for a service it won't be a bad deal. These were used for Navigation by the US Navy and Merchant marine in WW2. This was one used by the Merchant Marine. It has a two day fusee movement. Hamilton made in a month what the world made in a year before WW2 when Production of these were in full swing during WW2. To bad most Navies today depend on GPS to much you nock out GPS satellites and most Navies would be lost at sea.

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    They are a lovely looking clock
    I would love to find one, I just have no where to show it, she would not tolerate more of my cr@p lying about in the living room :-)
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    Great piece and lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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    Just sent if off for a service. Just sent the movement in it's brass tub. These are delicate I had to cork the balance and double boxed it probably has not been serviced since 1975 like on the service receipt no watch or clock maker in Montana would touch it so sent it to one of two in the US I know work on these hate mailing larger time pieces I don't mind wristwatches sent in the mail for service. It was two seconds fast a day even in it's un-service state. Keeping the patina on all the brass shows it was used as intended at sea.
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    Well got it back from service last Friday. Before I sent it out for service the movement had a few problems like when you wind it you did not hear the clicks and when you wind it when running the second hand would go backwards a little and the movement would stop and the brass tub has a spring loaded cover over the winding hole for the key did not work right. All those are fixed now and she runs great and for time keeping +0.5s a day for two days when my clockmaker tested it. Glad to have it back. I also put a replacement leather carrying strap and serial number plaque on the outer box that were missing.



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    Not seen one of these before, that's lovely tho

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