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Thread: Self publishing authors – show us your work

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    Self publishing authors – show us your work

    Hi all, just wondered if there were any self publishing authors on here.

    My wife has self published 7 books now – mainly rhyming stories for children, her latest one though is a novel aimed at older kids.
    She generally uses Create Space and Amazon to publish and sell them and also takes copies to craft fairs etc.
    Has anyone gone from self published to being picked up by a proper publisher?
    Link to her books are here if anyone’s interested:

    Latest novel – Cosas Vivas – A shapeshifters Tale

    Her first book – Fairy Boots
    Second book – The Fairies on Canglford Nock
    Third book – Always With Me
    Fourth book – Tales on Canglford Nock Volume 1
    Fifth book – From Hob Nock Hill to Bog Nop Wood
    Sixth book – Libby Mae’s Little Angel

    She just really enjoys writing and the creative process behind the books. She’s also found two really good illustrators she works with.
    The ‘model’ in the photos for Fairy Boots and Libby Mae’s Little Angel is our daughter.

    So who else has published?

    Drop some links in the thread so we can check out your work!

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    I self published a children's book earlier this year for my kids. I used blurb as I wasn't really interested in selling it, just having a few copies printed. I found blurb easy to use and it was less (and quicker) than I thought to print the actual books.
    I must say though, I really enjoyed it and am now in the process of writing another one.

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