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Thread: I only repair the posh watches.......!

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    I only repair the posh watches.......!

    You may believe this but I will repair pretty well any watch provided there is a few quid in it for me !
    Here are a couple of car boot finds from last week. I have to fix them the same weekend otherwise they end up in a drawer.
    First up a poor man's Reverso. There was no movement in the case so I hunted through my boxes and found one to fit. Then found appropriate cathedral hands and made a glass to finish the job. The dial could be restored since it was filed down to fit the bezel, but why spend more on it ?:

    Next a Hopalong Cassidy Timex 1955.
    The movement was rusted out but I have a whole box of old Timex watches given to me by a guy who repaired nothing else.
    I put the replacement movement through the ultrasonic, took the dial from the rusty movement, fitted a glass and yeehaa Hopalong rides again !:

    Finally a Swiss cylinder pocket watch. Signed 'Mottu Genève' and with gold case hinges.
    The glass and bow were missing but wound up it actually runs.
    I could hide the dial cracks but didn't have time for now. Used white nail varnish to hide dial chips at the edge:

    Three watches licked ! Time for an ice cream.

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    You should've fixed the rusty Timex movement..... :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bry1975 View Post

    You should've fixed the rusty Timex movement..... :D
    Why on God's earth not.
    My first ever watch was a Timex and they should have been the Seiko of the world. Just like the British Motorcycle industry fell before the Japanese onslaught!!!

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    At its peak Timex Dundee employed 5,000 workers!

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    Good work Brendan - even if they are cheapies it is quite satisfying to see them run again!

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