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Thread: Printing large volume

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    Question Printing large volume

    I know not strictly digital photography, but photography related, do you have any recommendations on getting large volume of pictures printed? It's part of supporting someone starting out in photography and connect with what they do outside of the digital world. Cheap is main criterion, but not so cheap that makes them all look rubbish, as going to get them to sort through and pick ones they like and can do those properly if a keeer, plus hopefully show their progress / build up confidence etc etc.


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    Buy a decent home printer for the volume printing and if there's anything you like and want to display have a dedicated printing company do you a quality print (in terms of ink, paper and mounting) to hang on your wall. Research the price of third party inks to keep the cost down before buying a printer. There's a Printing and Presentation sub forum on Talk Photography where I'm sure you'll find a more informed answer. Not sure if you need to be a member to view but here's a link https://www.talkphotography.co.uk/fo...esentation.98/

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    Cheers, already have a home printer (HP which was a gift) which is getting long in the tooth and I think a mass print might kill it, will have a look to see that offers are on as per that thread.

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