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Thread: Looking for a new watch, any suggestions

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    Looking for a new watch, any suggestions

    I have had my aqua terra 8500 for around 5 years now so want something else. Got around 7.5 to spend max, ideally less!! I have been saving for many years so need to really be sure on this, As ideally want this to be my main watch for the next 5 years+.

    I have been after a blnr for ages and on the list for one but donít hold out much hope of getting one at rrp, saw one on chrono24 which in hindsight I should have just got for under 7k but itís sold now.

    I have always like the GO panomaticluna which on a bracelet is around the same price point. Anyone got a GO? Are they are nice in person as in pictures, I will try see one in the next week. Last time I checked local AD none had the Luna.
    Also JLC in the older master compressor range have some nice offerings but hard to get one on a bracelet.

    Any other suggestions I should be looking at? Must be on a bracelet, not really wanting a chronograph as I like a sweeping second hand.

    Watches I have had in the past:
    Breitling steelfish
    Breitling navitimer 01LE (loved this)
    Breitling Bentley 6.75
    Breitling superocean chrono (day date)

    I tend to like more sporty watches than dressy watches as my history shows.

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    I think based on your watch history, you liked bolder watches with heritage. I remember lusting after Panomatic in past too, I mean that movement right? Offcenter rotor, 2x engraved balance cock. But at the end I like to wear my watches daily and I like them to have at least 100 WR. I am not sure Panomatic would be great daily driver, I always felt it's more of a sunday finest watch.

    Might I suggest something like Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe? It's a bit bigger bolder watch, with ties to original Fifty Fathoms, yet still it has a pretty 5 day caliber in industrial finish (but pretty chamfers).
    If you really want the BLNR, I would just wait for it, I can guarantee that not month after you buy some other watch you will get the call.

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