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Thread: Non-prescription treatments for depression?

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    As someone who's suffered with it for 25 years, I'm probably ok to make recommendations. If they really don't want to do anything else, St John's Wort is great and is the most widely used treatment for depression in Germany, but make sure it's a good one, nature's best are good, don't go to Boots or Holland and Barratt, you'll pay 2/3/4 times the price and get an inferior quality product.

    Also, I wouldn't recommend taking more than one treatment at a time, there's a small risk of serotonin syndrome, which is at best, very unpleasant, at worst, deadly

    5-HTP is good, but can give people terrible headaches (me included).

    Cannabis - is really dangerous for someone who already has some mental issues, the chances of psychosis are very high, and it will more than likely make his depression worse. Contrary to what people think, cannabis isn't the cure for everything.

    As other people have said, it's likely this will continue until he gets some help, but if he/you can avoid prescription anti-depressants, he'll be much better off, they are very helpful, but if used for too long, can be horrible to stop, regardless of what the doctors say.

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    Iíve suffered for many years - and take no prescription drugs as see your sons point

    Things that help me

    Being occupied - I love horse racing so watch and go etc
    Trying not to have too much ďempty timeĒ

    Thereís no magic cure

    Iíve tried all the voodoo and counselling - didnít help but has helped others

    Being open about it helps - having a talk to person to go to helps

    I wish him well - itís a crippling illness that many donít understand

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    Definitely some good advice on here...Somethings we could all learn from

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    Quote Originally Posted by Onelasttime View Post
    I think you'll find cannabis is invariably the problem, not the solution. You might as well suggest LSD.
    In a couple of years we might well be suggesting LSD or psilocybin based on recent research at Imperial. http://psychedelicscience.org.uk/mag...ssed-patients/

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