Morning all, quick question for all you Gen 1 owning guys out there. I've been looking at these for a few weeks now, and just can't stop visualising one in the watch box. Really like the simple chrono dial, the brushed case and of course the military credentials make it that much more interesting.

But, they seem to be about a grand now. I seem to remember when I bought my G10 about 4-5 yrs ago, that these were 3-400 quid.

So... those of you that have bought one recently(ish) and paid four figures, or close to, do you look at the watch and think you've had VFM? And those that bought a few years back for a few hundred, and really know / appreciate the watch, do you think you'd buy one now for 1000?

Just interested in your thoughts on this, as I've decided an issued watch will be my next purchase, and its a toss up between one of these or a CWC RN/SBS diver.