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Thread: In line grease or food trap

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    In line grease or food trap

    In our utility room we have a dishwasher and washing machine both plumbed in and emptying straight out to the main drain, problem the pipe slowly block with food and grease waste. Last time we had a drain company come and clean it but they wonít guarantee the work because of the set up.

    Itís basically dishwasher and washing machine side by side, behind is standard white plastic waste pipe that runs about 5 feet along the wall then drops down under a concrete floor where about 5 feet later it enters the mains.

    Is there some sort of inline grease/food trap we can cut in so we just clean that every few months?

    I can only find commercial ones and they are rather large.

    Any ideas?


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    TBH I have only ever seen commercial grease interceptors for restaurants but Googling Domestic Grease Interceptors came up with this: - http://www.aquamundus.co.uk/Domestic...ap_p/bsgt1.htm

    Looks like it'd fit comfortably in an under sink cabinet so may be worth a punt. They do other sizes going right up to Commercial installations.

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