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Thread: Expanding 'Plymouth - what to do/see question'

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    Expanding 'Plymouth - what to do/see question'

    A few weeks back I asked here about travelling to Plymouth with my son for the UK Open Laser Sailing Championship. Most of the time, my wife and youngest stay at home. Earlier today, my wife talked with her colleagues about their holiday period and concluded that a late-July holiday would be the best option to keep the office and her company running in August.

    Enter our week at Plymouth!

    She's not going on the water with us, so she and my youngest want to explore the (wide) area around P., especially the Cornwall-region. On behalf of her: can you point me towards websites, experiences, do's and don'ts, hidden gems etc. Travel is no problem, trains can be an option as well. (I think that my youngest would love a glimpse of Bath and Stonehenge, despite the distance). Staying a night in a B&B in -let's say- St. Ives wouldn't be a problem as well. In fact, knowing my wife, she prefers a tour over being stuck in one town.

    All ideas and inspirations are welcome.


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    Ignorance breeds Fear. Fear breeds Hatred. Hatred breeds Ignorance. Break the chain.

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    Tintagel worth a visit imo.

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    Devon and Cornwall have some amazing places to visit and most places have some spectacular coastline.

    North Devon where I live have some amazing coastal walks - Croyde (surfing) through to Westward Ho! (Only place with a ! in its name).
    Dartmoor - stunning views and walks.

    Salcombe near Plymouth is a lovely place to see. Or Dartmouth maybe.

    Padstow, Falmouth to name two places in Cornwall.

    The north coast is more rugged, tidal and great for surfing. The south coast is more genteel with more yachting I guess.

    Exeter is a nice day out, small city with good restaurants and shops.

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    Expanding 'Plymouth - what to do/see question'

    If the weather is nice and the sun is shining there is no better place to be on holiday than Devon and Cornwall.

    A beautiful and stunning picture frame around what is a fairly nice picture, if you get my metaphor.

    The north is more rugged. The south is more undulating and gentile.

    Everyone’s got there favourite bit. Mine is the Roseland peninsula and Kynance Cove.

    Hope you enjoy the area. You most definitely will if the sun shines.

    Come back and tell us how you got on.

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    If historical buildings and gardens are your thing, I can recommend Cotehele and Buckland Abbey - both are National Trust properties and only about half an hour's drive away from Plymouth.

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    Although I am fairly local, I really rate the edan project in St Austell. I have been many many times with my kids and we all loved the place.

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