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Thread: Advice on servicing a Gen1 X33

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    Advice on servicing a Gen1 X33

    The seconds hand on my Speedmaster has started to move in leaps of 5 seconds, which is usually a sign it needs a new battery.

    I dutifully went to my first port of call in Brampton but unfortunately he doesn’t work on this model.

    I could of course send it to STS. What is the hive’s opinion, the official or a serious independent?
    I do not know the watch’s history.

    Also, should I consider a gen 2 crown (but also keep the original) as pulling a gen 1’s hile wearing the watch is not exactly easy...

    Over to you, with TIA.
    Well, everybody in Casablanca has problems. Yours may work out.

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    If it's just the battery then there's the DIY option, a fair bit of info on t'interweb including from our own.

    If it needs a service personally I'd probably go for an independent. I know that creating a 'Gen 1.5' is a popular modification although it's not for me (I ended up with one of each instead ).

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    When do you know a quartz watch needs a service ?
    It all works perfectly. But you’re correct, if it can be done in space, I should be able to do it with the help of gravity.
    Well, everybody in Casablanca has problems. Yours may work out.

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    You may not know. But most of the features that need the crown to be pulled out can be accessed by pressing IN the crown for a couple seconds until the display flashes then you can change the digits using the pushers.

    As far as battery change - I did one myself and it’s easy with patience - just ensure you have the right sized screwdriver for the tiny Ti screws. PITA if they spin off somewhere.

    Omega will insist on a ‘full’ service where they replace the pushers, crown, seals and about £360 for the privilege.

    Do it yourself costs about £3 for a battery and lots of self satisfaction.

    Aa regards needing a service - I take the advise of one dealer who has now long gone to be replaced by corporate clones. She said, “only need a full service for a quartz watch when the time keeping is out of spec, else just go for a battery change”. Trouble is OEM will insist on a’full’ service every other year so unless you want to be shafted- learn to open up the watch for a battery change.

    The X-33 I never took in water so wrt was never an issue but do check seals to avoid dust etc getting inside.

    Hope that all helps - especially the first bit!! I rarely ever pulled the crown on my X-33 once I’d learnt that trick.

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    I had this similar quandary with my B-1
    We tbthe cheap route
    Seals aren’t done right and the one time I rushed into the shower with my watch by accident I ended up with a £1500 repair

    I’d look into perhaps a more “high profile” retail supply mender if cutting costs
    Depends on your approach to risk

    People on here who work in or around the industry may help with the battery part
    If you’re looking at new crown.... AD

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    I was shamed into changing the battery myself by a previous post where one of our regulars suggested it was easy and posted a video of it being done in zero-G on the ISS. It did require patience and I did have the screwdrivers but it was relatively straightforward. My local watchmaker also does a battery change for £25 and I took it to him (with a download of the service manual) last time when I didn't have time or inclination to sort it myself.

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    Do they not upgrade the module if you send to Omega?

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