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Thread: Hilton Points

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    Hilton Points

    Hi , bit of a random one but does anybody collect Hilton Honors points ? Im looking to get something where you must redeem Hilton Points.

    Please private message me to discuss further and see if we can have an amicable agreement.

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    Hilton have an offer on at the moment where you can buy points and receive a 100% bonus.

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    I fell out with Hilton good style in the 90's when they "took" 120k points from me since I hadn't stayed in a Hilton for a year.

    Very small change to terms and conditions but I was very busy so I never noticed.

    I asked them for a goodwill gesture but they rejected me out of hand - so I hope they all rot in hell and I will never stay in a Hilton again.

    Just take care with the T & C's

    None of the other hotel chains that I use have done such a thing - very poor.

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    Redeemed 300k points in 2012 for an 8 night stay with the family in a villa with private infinity pool in the Conrad Koh Samui.

    For a brief moment in time I lived like the rich and famous.

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