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Thread: Transferring house without sale to child

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robsmck View Post
    Totally. It amazes me how the state bends over backwards and provides everything in spades to "yoofs " in care and those who offend, never using the no word.
    Contrast with those who may have worked all their lives and bought a property, then when needing care they are stripped of their possessions and dignity.
    Does hard work and prudence pay in the long run?

    You must be a pretty sad individual if you begrudge spending money on children in care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GRK View Post
    In Scotland as far as I'm aware...

    Again in Scotland as far as I'm aware....

    I believe the seven years....

    .... should therefore be free from any legal requirement...

    The above is my understanding...
    Not having a dig at you at all Grant, but these phrases from your Scottish examples are the key here. There are no hard and fast rules. No one could point me to a document that said "X years a gift is given a council cannot pursue care-costs based on the value of the gift" or a more carefully legally crafted version of the same. "As far as I'm aware" was as good as we got but nothing that we could DEFINITELY use to plan from. A family lawyer friend informally gave different advice than our actual lawyer and both councils we spoke with gave different advice too. That's what's maddening. Surely there must be an actual legal basis upon which decisions are made - perhaps this is the case in Scotland but I've never seen it quoted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingstepper View Post
    Don't think you can give away cash or assets (such as watches) without repercussions.
    Perhaps not but there’s nothing to stop you peeing the cash up the wall.

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