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Thread: Prs-29a out of stock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bwest76 View Post
    Thanks to Ian [velorum] mine is now on this nice dark brown strap.

    Very nice combo!

    Could you take a similar wrist picture with your 29b?


    WTB: PRS-29b :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bond View Post
    Evening all , smaller than what Im used to but perfectly executed . Lovely watch .

    Top man Eddie , thanks !

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    Quote Originally Posted by James_ View Post
    It does look quite small on your wrist but still looks good. What is your wrist size? I would like one of these but having tried the PRS10 at 38mm I found that too small. But most wrist shots of this 36mm look good.

    You might consider two things regarding the 36mm 29 that I personally don't think make the classic G10 size spec PRS-10 a good way to judge whether you'll like the former as to size:

    > The old PRS-10's spec for case diameter @ 38.6 includes the crown; the new PRS-29A/AM spec for case diameter @ 36mm does not include the crown.

    >> The old PRS-10's spec for lug-to-lug length is only 42.4mm; the new PRS-29A/AM spec for lug-to-lug length is a relatively quite long 46.8mm.

    For what it's worth, I have the size equivalents of both the above in a 2006 C-Series RA pattern CWC G10 and an older version of the 29A, and, subjectively, but also very perceptibly, the classic and neat, but nonetheless stubby-lugged semi-helmet design of the great G10 wears much smaller for me than the beautifully long and slim 29A ---- I think the latter a very aesthetically special watch and a very different watch in comparison to a G10 spec PRS-10 regardless of these both having a similar east-to-west case diameter



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    Black leather pilot strap with white stitching matches perfectly with the dial :

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    I finally managed to get around to my parents to pick up my AM... no.89 has to wait until Christmas, but it looks stunning from my brief glance at it better than I hoped for from my mock ups all those years ago!!! I asked Eddie to swap the NATO for one of his green ones and it looks fantastic on that (thanks for the switch Eddie).

    Can't wait to give it some serious wrist time!

    Thanks again for producing it Eddie, a real winner in my book.

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