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Thread: A complete watch.

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    A complete watch.

    I'll play.

    Over the next few weeks, I'm going to put together a complete watch, picking the movement, overhauling it, deciding on a case, making a dial, printing the dial, and putting the whole thing together. I'll do my best to document the whole process. If someone sees where I could be doing something in a better way, I would be please to be told.

    Today, since I'm going out to dinner shortly, I just tidied up some tools. In particular, my screwdrivers and tweezers.

    You want your tweezers to close at the very tips. Otherwise things go shooting off. (They might anyway, but you want to reduce the chances.)

    Here is a picture of my main working tweezers. I keep them in pretty good shape by using ultra-fine diamond stone on the inside. These didn't need anything, I think.

    Here is a pair of tweezers that show what you want to avoid at the very tip.

    Here is the very tip of my 1.2mm screwdriver. It needed some work, as did a few others.

    I took it to a stone, getting the end to an even, sharpish tip. Then I put a bit of a flat on the very end of the tip. There are tools that can be used to keep the screwdriver tip at a constant angle. I have one, but prefer to do things by look and feel.

    Best wishes,
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