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Thread: Omega Seamaster Bracelet Issue

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    Omega Seamaster Bracelet Issue

    I bought the Doris an Omega Seamaster quartz mid last year, an old one from 2003ish but serves her perfectly as a tool watch that can take the knocks a working wedding florist gives it. The bracelet has some stretch in it and recently one of the pins slips out a mm or 2 before i spot it and put it back in. Does anyone know of a way of fixing this issue (without resorting to superglue) or someone who could fettle it ?


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    I'd take it apart and give a good clean. Then I'd buy new pin and sleeves from cousinsuk.

    You can flatten pin or sleeve a bit, but it's better to change.

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    locktite if a new pin and sleeve doesn't do the job

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    Quote Originally Posted by hafle View Post
    locktite if a new pin and sleeve doesn't do the job
    I think the issue is the hole in the link has worn so the pin and sleeve are no longer sung. I think I have a spare link but if memory serves it's the last non removable link that's the problem area.

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    PM received from OP on this issue. I`ve sorted a few out over the years. Forget Loctite etc, it'll need either genuine new pins and tubes or generic replacements modded to fit. The generics are oversized and do a better job of taking up the slack. Not my favourite job.....but he's local to me so I`ll have a look.

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