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Thread: Struggling to identify an affordable watch safe

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    Struggling to identify an affordable watch safe

    I have trawled the forums and websites and am struggling to find an attractive jewellery safe with integrated and powered watch winders that does not cost as much as a Rolex Daytona. Anyone got any leads?

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    If you want it to be effective you need to concentrate on the “safe” aspect rather than the “pleasing piece of furniture” side of things.

    That being the case, you should consider a refurbished safe (new locks etc) from a reputable company like these chaps:


    Even if you had a massive collection, you could source a huge safe for a few thousand —- if you had the room —- which might house a glorious, bespoke winder.

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    I really wouldn’t be trying to buy an integrated safevand winder.

    We had a great safe years ago at the shop - it must have been around 350-400kg awesome bit of kit. No one was going to just pick it up and go without a bit of planning. I’ll have something similar at the farm one day.
    It's just a matter of time...

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    Safes & Winders are 2 distictly different items??

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    Quote Originally Posted by henk View Post
    Safes & Winders are 2 distictly different items??
    I've seen them integrated. They are out there.

    I've found a separate safe and peli boxes is the way to go. You don't worry about bashing the watches or box when getting the watches in and out...

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