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Thread: Marine Nationale Straps NDC or Erika Originals

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    Marine Nationale Straps NDC or Erika Originals

    Anyone else tried the Erika Originals? I have the NDC strap (Silvermans), very comfortable though a bit pricey @ £45, the small attaching clip is easy to lose .. but all things considered a good buy as there is nothing worse than an uncomfortable strap.

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    Haven“t tried Erika“s Originals yet - but am very tempted. However they are even pricier than the £45 for an NDC from Silvermans.

    I have the red stripe NDC from Silvermans as well and I have honestly never had a more comfortable strap !! As for the small retainer I have simply folded the bottom end back and stitched it to the retainer after sizing the strap. As the inner loop of the strap does not go through the lugs anyway, the strap can still be taken off the watch.

    This also has the added benefit, that the "floating" retainer does not move so the sizing of the strap will not change.

    See pictures:

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