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Thread: PRS20 & PRS21

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    PRS20 & PRS21

    I have owned my PRS20 LE for six months now & only forgotten to wind it once. It is the first manual wind watch I have owned in over 50 years. It gets worn in the evening & overnight as nowadays it is the only watch I am able to see the time on at night.
    I find the ritual of winding it each morning to be a pleasant & soothing experience. The PRS21 is my other watch & could not be more different. It is worn daily as a tool watch & is showing a few scars from use. These are now the only 2 watches I own and for the moment meet all of my needs. Many thanks to Eddie for these 2 watches.

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    Nottingham, UK.
    I flit between Quartz, automatic and wind up and there is certainly something strangely satisfying about winding up a manual watch.

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