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    Grandad watch

    Hi guys!

    I'm doing this post on behalf of a colleague of mine who wants to know more about this watch that he has received from his grandad.
    Who can tell me roughly how much it's worth and how much would it cost to restore it in tip-top condition?

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    Much more knowledgeable folk will chip in presently.

    Itís difficult to put a value on this without having any idea of the state of the movement. Is it ticking? Is it keeping good time? The marks to the caseback suggest that, at least once in its life, this watch was opened by someone who didnít have the correct tool.

    Iím pretty sure that the 4453 is a manual movement. A decent one, sold by a dealer, would probably be priced around the £500-600 mark.

    When you say, ďrestore to tip-top conditionĒ, what do you mean? At a minimum it would be a full movement service, repair or replace the crystal, and new strap.

    Some might also consider refinishing the dial and hands, though for others that would diminish the value of such a watch. If it were mine, Iíd avoid refinishing the dial, but Iím a sucker for patina.

    I like the dial configuration on this one, with the double marker at 12.

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