The NTH (Nod To History) Oberon, purchased from Dave E arrived this morning, and what a little beauty it is.

It’s a small, and unpretentious watch, quite unlike most Boutique watches, at only 40mm, and very slim. Not OTTin styling either. Nods it’s head at the original Sub, no crown guards, quite slim, but dissimilar enough not to be a clone.

The hobnail dial is very black indeed and shows no reflections. 3, 6 and 9 numerals only, the 12 Cardinal is a triangle. Sticks mark the remainder. A Mercedes handset completes the dial. aged C3 Luminova is used on the dial, hands, bezel, and crown, yes, crown!! Why?? The bezel is sapphire. The crystal is double coated AR, and is very effective

The dial markings are unobtrusive, ‘oberon’ is marked in red, another nod to ‘Seadwellet’ but a nice touch.

The watch comes on a good quality ‘oyster’ style fliplock bracelet. I have put it on on of Zulu Divers premium ‘Bond’ NATO. It suits the watch perfectly.

This little watch is a prime example of what is available for very little money, if one is prepared to wear a watch with an unusual name on the dial. The production values of this watch seem to be every bit as good as any watch I presently own, including Rolex, Omega, Stowa, Doxa, and IWC.

Finishing and attention to detail is first class, though I’m sure that under intense scrutiny, there will be some noticeable difference, particularly internally, and of course, the movements will be better. BUT, at £500, or around half the price of a bracelet from the big boys, these watches are bargains!!

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