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Thread: Tool box / 'man drawer' box

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    Tool box / 'man drawer' box


    I am having to give up my man drawer, as the prime real estate is going to be 'repurposed' for the arrival of some tiny feet. NB: The baby will not be placed in the drawer.

    No replacement drawer for the original tenants has been identified.

    As a result, I am looking for recommendations for a sturdy box that can contain (and preferably segregate) the typical sundry, small and inevitably useful items typically found in a man drawer. Things like leftover IKEA dowels, miscellaneous screws of various dimensions, batteries with unknown levels of charge, but which also has larger compartments for the odd flathead screwdriver, or unconventionally-shaped spare lightbulbs.

    So, I am all ears and grateful in advance. Please let me know how you store all your 'man drawer' items.

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    Good luck everybody. Have a good one.

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    Here’s about 1/5 of mine as an idea?IMG_1559.JPG

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    I keep garage stuff in the garage, shed stuff in the shed and other miscellaneous boy stuff in my office.

    But I think you might need an old munitions box. Doesn’t get more manly or functional than that (my 2 yr old has one in his shed, sorry... playhouse as a storage chest & seat, and he’s a pretty cool little character 😉)

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    Official looking filing cabinet in your office. Amazing the space in those things once the suspension files are removed - and they’re lockable

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    Big plastic box....chuck it all in. When you go through it every now and then its like a voyage of discovery.

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    Maybe try one of those plastic storage boxes with different compartments for screws, nails, Ikea dowels etc. - I got one from Homebase and it was only about £5 and has made finding the right size thing a lot easier. Supplement that with a toolbox for essential tools and keep that in the house.

    That should be enough to replace a drawer, unless your original drawer is massive!

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    Costco tool cabinet

    Probably a bit overkill for you - I saw these too cabinets at Costco yesterday.
    I would need a stepladder to reach the top shelf - these things are massive.

    £600 / 2-foot deep x 3.5-foot wide x 5-foot 4-inches tall
    As per the thread title - this is an option for a half decent Toolbox / Man drawer

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    I’ve got three snap on roll cabs, and still manage to fill them up

    Seriously, bunnings seem to have a very good offering at very reasonable prices, it wouldn’t surprise me if they weren’t offering discounts.
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    I've got a number of these:

    Stanley Organisers, you can find them for £10/12ish and they have the benefit of being able to see whats inside without needing to shuffle through.

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