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Thread: Did you buy your poppy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pacifichrono View Post
    Poppies must be a more lasting tradition in the UK. I haven't seen poppies or sellers in many decades. They were a big deal when I was a boy in the '50s and '60s, but not much after that. I think they were largely forgotten in the U.S. as the WWI veterans died out. Too bad. I remember celebrating Armistice Day as a boy in the 1950s, with its focus on 11/11/18. I seem to recall the use of "Remembrance" Day for a while before we settled on Veterans Day. But poppies? Haven't seen them over here in decades.
    Isnít Memorial Day the US equivalent of our Remembrance day?

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    I got one got a couple in fact, always do, took my two kids to the local memorial over the weekend to tell them about it all and how important it is, but they are tiny (2 years & 9 weeks) I will always make sure they know about it, they will always know what it means and why its so important that we remember.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stuie-t View Post
    Isnít Memorial Day the US equivalent of our Remembrance day?
    Memorial Day, last Monday in May, is to honor all our military who have died in battle. Veterans Day, November 11, (aka Remembrance Day) is to honor all military veterans, living and dead. Of course, Armistice Day, November 11, was to celebrate the end of the Great War (aka WWI).

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    Someone actually gave me mine this year, as I'd not got one the week before and was working at home all the week leading up.

    I'd agree, to a degree, that it's become about being seen to do the 'right thing' these days.

    I sometimes see people put money in the Legion pots but refuse a poppy, but at the same time we have press rants if someone is seen on TV without one in the weeks leading up to remembrance day.


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