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Thread: Photo Printer

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    Photo Printer

    Well my 9 year old HP Photosmart 3210 all in one has finally come to the end of it's life and has been a great machine. I need to replace it with a similar item, I need front loading paper, copier and scan functions, wireless printing would be good but not essential and a multiple ink photo printer would be good (old one was 5 colours plus black) Clearly I'm a little out of touch so what would the collective recommend? Cheers, John B4

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    They are like razors and razor blades in terms of economics. So my advice is get the cheapest that does what you want and use compatibles. Then bin it when it breaks and buy another. Sadly that seems a much cheaper way these days. I've now got an Epson XP-640 that does what you want and managed to get it a decent price. Front loads and duplex, 5 inks, wifi inc Airprint support, copies and scans to paper or USB. Any actual photo printing is probably cheaper doing it on line for anything you want to keep. A full set of Epson ink is getting on for 80, compatibles sub 20!

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