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Thread: Recommendation and a bit of an odd one...

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    Recommendation and a bit of an odd one...

    I know there are quite a few members on here who enjoy podcasts and audio books; in fact, I've had some great conversations about them via PM and recommended quite a few off the back of these that people have enjoyed. Therefore, with that in mind, I thought this may be of interest to people:-

    It is called S-Town and is a non-fiction podcast - you can find it on iTunes for free and there is a web site for it; HOWEVER, I would urge you not to research it or spend too much time on the dedicated site because I think this takes away from the twists and turns of the story.

    (I repeat - I would avoid the site until you're into episode III) https://stownpodcast.org/

    My other disclaimer is that it is a slow burn and I found that it didn't really get going until nearing the end of episode II and gains momentum from III onward.

    Why am I mentioning it on a watch site - well, other than this place is a melting pot of many topics, there is a bit of horology woven into S-Town. Again, I am avoiding saying too much to ensure I don't detract from the story.

    If anyone takes me up on the recommendation, I'd love to hear your opinion once you've spent some time listening to it. As an aside, if you have listened to Serial, there are parallels and it follows a similar cadence.

    My advice is to stick with it - you need to give it the first two episodes... I almost didn't continue after episode I but am really glad I did. I'm not on V and it just becomes more intriguing.

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    Listened to it a while back.

    Excellent series. Loved it. Serial/This American Life's podcasts are fantastic

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