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Thread: Rotation and care

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    Rotation and care

    As the fool I am, I managed to buy two watches I love with just a week in between. Which poses the dilemma of having only one left arm.

    So, how do you rotate them? I was thinking change every day to keep the automatic "charging" them, but that feels forced.

    Also, what should I do if I leave one of them in the box for several days or a week? Rewind it daily? Leave it till next time?

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    Having around 40 watches (reducing slowly), I wouldn't worry about keeping any of them charged and I just wear what I feel like wearing.
    It's just a matter of time...

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    Just wear them as you please - does no harm letting them stop. Guess you could get a watch winder if you want them 'charged' all the time.

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    What dilemma?

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