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Thread: Any Offshore Professional Engineer Chronograph owners amongst the ranks?

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    Nov 2014
    Llandudno (ex Oz)
    I like it Johnny, especially the buckle, Did you have that specially made?

    Have you tried a Dangerous9 strap?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mondie View Post
    I like it Johnny, especially the buckle, Did you have that specially made?

    Have you tried a Dangerous9 strap?
    Carl made that buckle. I just sent over a JPG of the logo and he did a great job. I do have a Dangerous9 strap too - a thing of beauty. Makes the watch so much more dressy - but given I'm in a fleece 99% of my life, I'm enjoying the casual/tool watch look!

    For comfort, the Watch Steward option is SUPER comfy. I'd like to try an Erika's Original some time too.

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    Not for perfect on the Dangerous 9, however each to their own, and all depends what you find comfortable Nice to see the second hand @ 7..nice one..

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    I haven't worn my Offshore for 6 months or so and saw it languishing in the safe last week, fished it out and became re-acquainted. It really is something special and different, the quality of construction is fantastic as is the attention to detail. Not sure what I was thinking of not wearing it more often but we all know how it is with watches, it feels a bit like Christmas again though!
    Cheers Keith

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    Very Similar for me, I would always wear my Offshore Professional on travel- Canada/Oman/UAE/France/Nigeria- and would always enjoy sending Lorne pictures. It has sat in the safe for 3 months and when I wore it again earlier in the month it reminded me of the wonderful design, the details and the quality. I true reflection of the care and skill that went in to its design by Lorne.

    Absolutely no intention of ever parting with it and it will eventually go to one of my sons.


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    Well said gents and reminds me of the day in 2013 when Lorne invited me to his house to pick up my Field Engineer. He showed me around his workshop and the different stages of assembly and was very welcoming. We sat and had a coffee and a chat about his career before I left with my watch. He was a lovely bloke and a true gent who loved watches, old Porsches and his family. Wearing my FE will always remind me of Lorne and him putting together my watch.

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    Any Offshore Professional Engineer Chronograph owners amongst the ranks?

    Itís been a while for me too and I had forgotten just how perfect this watch feels to wear. This is number 144, which is a Fibonacci number and so it seemed the perfect choice.

    I always used to reset the chrono hand but now leave it at 7 in memory of Lorne.

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    Hard to believe its a year since Lorne passed away (on the 7th Sept I think it was...). Wearing #135 today with my chrono seconds parked at 7 in memory of the man himself. He'd have been disgusted at me wearing it on my GasGasBones strap (Lorne loved his Teju straps) but after trying a load of straps, I really love wearing it on the GGB SPV2. Super comfortable and toolish in the spirit of these watches.

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