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Thread: Looking for Poljot 3133 technical specifications

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    Looking for Poljot 3133 technical specifications

    I've been hunting around and can't seem to find any definitive source for the Poljot 3133 technical specifications. For example, I've seen the daily rate quoted as -10/+20s and also as -10/+40s or even -20/+40s. It's possible that more than one of these is correct. There should a maximum daily variance and a mean daily variance, which is probably changes depending on whether or not the chronograph is engaged. Any idea where I can find all these figures?

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    I'd contact the guy who runs this site:
    What he doesn't know about 3133s isn't worth knowing. He's also a regular in the Russian section of WUS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lampoc View Post
    I'd contact the guy who runs this site:
    What he doesn't know about 3133s isn't worth knowing. He's also a regular in the Russian section of WUS.
    I might try that if nobody has a link. I checked his site earlier and was somewhat surprised to find no mention of technical specs posted on there.

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    tech specs

    only in russian, though, but nice exploding diagram on last pages. it is actually manual for watcmakers with regulation procedures etc. If you want I can try to find actual user manual, but I don't know if they stated mean rates etc.

    regarding stated accuracy - in USSR and I believe in Russia too, products are sorted in grades according to standart. the best goods got "quality seal", then there were 1st and 2nd grades. so, watches with quality seal had better accuracy and those with 2nd grade - worst. but from my memory quality seal did not guarantee you did not get something that was put together at the end of month by drunk factory worker.

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    I've never timed mine (PRS5 Broadarrow) as I only wear it for a day or two at a time, I'll check it. However I did once check the power reserve and it was a little under 68 hours.

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    This one quotes -10 to +40 s/day

    power reserve of 42h but I've had some in the past that would do @50h +

    nice comparison to the 7734 here:
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    From the Russian document:

    цределех минус 10 до плюс 20 с\сут
    Translates to: At a temperature of 20 +/- 5 degrees C the movement be the range of -10 to +20 s/day.

    Power reserve: 37 hours

    That booklet is the maintenance manual for the 3133....
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