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Thread: The underrated Bonklip

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    The underrated Bonklip

    I thought I'd wear the Bonklip again today I'm so surprised these don't feature more often.
    They have a bad reputation that isn't justified, they are comfortable easy to adjust and secure as long as you don't wear them lose and jangly.

    I can understand why they where used on pilots watches because they are so easy to adjust and Wear over a flight suit.
    Very similar to the way Nasa astronauts adopted the JB Champion bracelets on there speedmasters again these guys where pilots and needed a quick answer when going between civilian clothes to flight suits. Maybe a trick learned from our great underrated Bonklip.

    Maybe the down side is if the pilot caught the watch and pulled the head away from the bracelet he would potentially lose the watch, but this is also.possible with a two piece leather strap.

    The prices seam to be on the up luckily mine only cost me about 40 a couple of years ago I have a few so called copy Bonklip bracelets TBH they are still quite good.

    Come on guys let's see your Bonklips

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    Here's one that I recently parted with, which came to me from the original owner, who flew jets in the Fleet Air Arm about 40-50 years ago. Pictured with friends!


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    Those are some beauty's, do you know what jets he flew?

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    Wowww that's all I can say.

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    Too good a thread not to resurrect!

    Im a late convert to these, prompted by the release if the new 29s and 29AM last year and the fact that other than Perlon I couldn't manage to find any other strap that felt right

    The one fitted to the AM in the above photo is a cheap unnamed new one from eBay, 15 if I remember correctly. Rather crude with some rough edges but surprisingly comfortable.

    Fitted to the 29a in the same photo is a NOS Bentex which is of much better quality.

    Even better still is this newly arrived Staybright.

    Its even more comfy and I love it on the 29a

    As regards quality, the difference between this one and the 15 unnamed eBay one is like night and day. This is beautifully comfortable and incredibly solid and robust. Closing up the end links slightly to achieve a tighter fit was very difficult due to the thickness of the metal.

    All of the above are 16mm with washers made out of 1mm sections of biro refills to prevent the insides of the lugs being marked by the end clips.

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    Thanks for resurrecting the thread, some nice eye candy. The Bonklip style really does suit the 29a and 29am perfectly, i can't think of anything that would be better. They suit unfussy dials the best, and a bit of decent lug space to the case body.

    I suspect that people don't immediately have faith in how securely they fasten, particularly when the tension is just right.

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    They do look nice on the right watch. I have one in my strap box but now it's redundent. Original Bonklip.

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