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Thread: 2 rather different Vintage Doxa Sub Syncron B.O.R bracelets..

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    2 rather different Vintage Doxa Sub Syncron B.O.R bracelets..

    I've just recently picked up to 2 lovely Vintage Doxa Subs on they are both on original Beads or Rice (B.O.R.) bracelets.. But they are both rather different and i thought i'd share my discovery with you. :)

    Firstly we have my Sharkmaster ( Don't worry, i plan on getting it re-lumed properly and repainting the bezel. :) ) -

    And secondly, my Professional -

    Both have 20mm lugs and the straps end pieces are both 20mm but the Professional strap tapers from 24mm to 18mm where as the Sharkhunter's strap tapers from 20mm to 16mm.

    Professional on the left, Sharkmaster on the right -

    The Professional houses a ratcheting glide lock system that is released by manual compression from the inside of the clasp -

    Where as the Sharkhunter has a ratcheting glide lock system that realeses as soon as you unlock the clasp. It then requires you to manually push the extention back in whilst on the wrist, it then locks securely. -

    The Professional also has an extra non locking mini extension inside the fold over (Top) Where as the Sharkmaster does not. (Bottom) -

    So, two very different Syncron straps, so i'm guessing that they are both produced by seperate companies?

    You input would be much appreciated. :)
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    From my very limited experience of Doxa, doesn't one of those clasps have some sort of quick-release in order to slide extra attachments on?
    I've only owned one, but it came with a removable thermometer and the clasp sort of popped open (I forget how!)

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