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Thread: Grand Seiko/Southampton

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    Citizen HAQs, Recent selling prices for Citizen HAQs,

    I have a660, e510, and g530. I particularly like the g530 (AR4000 series) as mine is titanium, 6mm, 38mm, 10s.

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    double post
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    Quote Originally Posted by burnsey66 View Post
    It's like cars on driveways.

    The sensible BMW's and Mercedes, versus the pillock who bought the Lexus.

    But hey, his wallet come resale will feel the comfort of exclusivity.

    If it was just about the resale what a boring world and indeed forum this would be same few brands that can hold their own in the future market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orgone Accumulator View Post
    If it was just about the resale what a boring world and indeed forum this would be.
    Posts should be read in context...

    Quote Originally Posted by I Own A GS And Its The Best Innit
    Can you imagine the embarrassment of having the same 6K watch as your surrounding neighbours?
    My post was tongue in cheek, following the typical comment made by on of the ill sighted supporters of this overpriced brand within a brand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PJ S View Post
    One thing the Grand Seiko quartz models are renowned for, by design of the movement, is hitting the markers spot on.

    I bought an SBGV005 last month and it is for want of a better word - perfect. I got it for Jura watches who provided a good service so much so it convinced a friend of mine to get a Seiko Astron chrono (very nice - pictures dont do them justice).

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    Very nice.
    It's just a matter of time...

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    Late to the thread, but I passed Pickett and Purser yesterday, they had 6/7 Anantas in the window with serious discounts (i.e 3100 > 1800).



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    Anything nice ? Can someone clarify where the Ananta range fits in Seikos range.. they also seem quite big watches.... 46mm etc

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    Ananta was a 10 year project design, so effectively they've been discontinued certainly all the early style and Spring Drive, leaving just the mechanical chronographs, which have now been absorbed into the Brightz line.
    Hand assembled by the same people that hand assemble the Grand Seikos, Credors, and Galantes. The Astrons have taken their place at the studio where they were made, with the present Brightz versions having more machine processes to the construction.
    They had the same hand polished technique applied to them, and you'd be hard pushed to find anything the equivalent for their price, both back then and especially at the stock clearance price mentioned.

    As you've noted, they're not exactly a shy and retiring size, but comfortable nonetheless.
    If it was a chronograph version you were thinking of, and the size is a concern, then you might want to look at importing one of the Ltd Edition SDGZ011 or 013.
    The new 8R48 movement has a vertical clutch for each chronograph sub-dial, and it's been suggested this movement will be making its way into a Grand Seiko mechanical chronograph, to compliment the Spring Drive only models, at present.

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    WTF - 5 yr old thread.

    Piss off, hasantime.

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