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Thread: Smoke, mirrors, innuendo and rumours

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    Smoke, mirrors, innuendo and rumours

    I?ve been thinking about this for a few weeks so that I could present a more objective post on the subject.

    Occasionally we see a post which starts "I've heard that", or "Somebody told me", followed by a statement which is usually less than flattering towards a company, product or individual. I'm happy to let these posts stand if the case is presented with some verifiable facts; sadly, not all such posts contain facts.

    The ?Unofficial Doxa Forum? appeared following many complaints that posts on the Official Doxa Forum which the moderators considered unsuitable, i.e., anything critical of the company or the product or posing questions they didn?t want to answer, were being killed and posters banned. It?s patently wrong that companies won?t answer customer questions, so the UDF was born.

    Many people asked reasonable questions or related their own experiences but there were a few people who appeared to have an agenda and it is these people who concern me. We were promised dynamite revelations with proof but got damp squibs without proof, only innuendo and ?wait and see?.

    If there is proof, we should have been presented with it and if there is no proof, the allegations should not have been made. The absence of a satisfactory answer from a company does not automatically mean that they are guilty of the allegations being made against them.

    On several occasions it was alleged that Doxa watches are assembled in China, using Chinese manufactured components. No definitive proof was produced to support this, the only thing I could see was that they source straps and baseball caps from China, something which Doxa themselves readily admit. I don?t see any malpractice or deception here.

    It is not my intention to stifle debate which may be unwanted or embarrassing to manufacturers if the case presented is accurate and truthful but it is my intention to prevent this forum being used as a platform by anybody attempting to cause damage to any company or individual posting misleading or false information because of a personal grudge. Knowingly publishing false allegations leaves the individual poster and myself liable to civil action and potentially, the closure of TZ-UK Forum.

    The only ?facts? which came out of the 2263 posts in 125 threads on the UDF showed that the Official Doxa Forum is a marketing tool for Doxa and that at worst, they are guilty of poor customer communication. In short, we didn?t learn anything we didn?t already know.

    I?m using the Doxa incident as an example to illustrate a point, not to encourage any further discussion of specifics. Feel free to comment on my motives for making this post or to seek clarification but please do NOT try to resurrect the Doxa discussion or I?ll have to find the ?delete? button. :wink:

    Whole chunks of my life come under the heading "it seemed like a good idea at the time".

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    Hi, this is about watch photography, yes?

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