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Thread: TOTALLY RUBBISH films you've watched recently...

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    The Haunting of Borley Rectory.

    My mistake here was to be taken in by the case, it was quite a nice case featuring not only the normal box but also a paper sleeve, printed neatly on it were a couple of lines from reviewers giving it 5 stars. My next mistake was assuming the 5 star reviews were 5 out of 5, it quickly became clear they were out of 100 or possibly 1000.

    I don't know what the budget was but it wasn't spent on the script the actors the costume or the cinematographers... or the sound or the props. That leaves the packaging, Hmmmm

    This was clearly made as a straight to DVD movie, straight to bin might have been better, saved me 7 and 20 minutes of my life (I didn't finish it)

    One to avoid at all costs.

    Or possibly the perfect gift for the one you hate.

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    I watched The Sisters Brothers at a secret screening in our local omniplex on Monday night. Was pretty crap tbh.

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    Wanted to watch this J. J. Abrams-produced movie after reading positive reviews:

    Accidentally watched this:

    Everything about it was disappointing, including, inexplicably, Dominique Swain's breasts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bond View Post
    I turned Mandy off after 15 minutes. Psychedelic nonsense which is kind of oxymoronic

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    Glad you said that, so did I. Thought I was missing some clever subtext!

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    Hellboy. What a load of cobblers. I was looking forward to a bit of escapist silliness but this is just dire. And I made the error of seeing it in 4DX, so having been tossed about in my seat with cold air blown on the back of my neck for 2 hours I'm now feeling quite unwell.

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