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Thread: How do I.

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    How do I.

    Remove lettering from a black dial without damaging it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MADDOG View Post
    Remove lettering from a black dial without damaging it.
    I guess that will depend entirely on how they were applied!

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    I don`t think it's possible without having the dial completely refinished.


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    not possible

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    You will damage the dial. However, if you are careful, and get every break in the world on offer, there is the slightest chance that you maybe, perhaps, can do it without the damage being extensive, or even noticeable at standard distances. So, if the cost of failure is low enough, e.g., because you would otherwise junk the dial, there's no harm in trying.

    So, given that it almost certainly won't be successful, here's what I would do (have done).

    1. Materials.
    -- Artists' masking fluid (e.g., Winsor and Newton).
    -- Micro paint brushes. (e.g.,
    -- Artists' Picture Cleaner for oil (e.g., Winsor and Newton).
    -- Rodico (or the like).
    -- Dial holder.
    -- Magnifiers.

    2. Put the dial in some sort of steady, reasonably level holder. Styrofoam, engineering clay, whatever. For preference, I would use an easily removable two sided tape and a bit of aluminium with holes for the dial feet. Tape the dial to the aluminium and the aluminium to the bench.

    3. Using a micro brush, and the masking fluid, mask the area around the lettering to be removed. The tidier (on the inside) and closer the masking is to the lettering the better.

    4. Using a different micro paint brush, and the paint cleaner, gently clean the lettering. Depending on how the dial was printed, there may be a top layer of varnish. Eventually, you will get through the varnish to the lettering. If a micro brush gets too dirty, use another. Keep cleaning. Eventually, the lettering will start to go. Continue cleaning with a very light touch, until the lettering is gone. Try to stop before you through the base colouring, whether it is paint of some kind or silvering. Stop when the lettering is gone.

    5. Make sure the picture cleaner is off the dial. Rodico or the like (light touch) should do it..

    6. If you are feeling particularly lucky, you might try applying a suitable varnish (if the dial is varnished). (Or, if you think that the Gods are on your side, lady luck is smiling at you, and the rabbit foot in your pocket is operating at full speed, a bit of suitable colouring.)

    7. Remove the masking.

    8. More Rodico.

    Again, try this only if the cost of failure is negligible.

    Best wishes,
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    I have heard that some printing ( possibly not the best printing) can be lifted off with sticky tape

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