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Thread: Seiko Save The Ocean SRPC91K1 Turtle.

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    Apr 2017

    Seiko Save The Ocean SRPC91K1 Turtle.

    Acquired One of these today.
    Obviously the dial reminds me of another slightly more expensive and harder to acquire Diverís Watch, from a slightly more prestigious brand.
    I already have a SRPA21 Pepsi Padi Turtle, but the quality on this appears to be in a different league.
    The alignment is spot on, the bezel clicks more than a match for other divers at four and five times the price and the Lume glows like a beacon.
    Iím also hugely impressed with the strap, super comfy yet feels robust.
    Token (crap) photo to follow.
    Bought from an old fashioned family owned Jewellers, I could probably have saved a little £££ by scouring the web, but I still believe in supporting shops offering good service. IMG_2073.JPG

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    A really good buy. I have the same model and while itís tricky to photograph the dial is superb. Enjoy

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