So, I've been a bit excited for the last week after discovering Unity Watches from Barcelona.
Before reading on, some of you may want to cut up your credit cards, if you find this as enticing as I did...

They have a set range of their watches in different styles and the special edition bronze Jules Verne model, but the main attraction is the watch configurator.

This allows you to choose from the range of case finishes, bezel finishes, dial, hands etc. I admit it's hard to come up with anything much better than Unity themselves, but I think I managed to? The results are shown below, I called it Caged BlackE (they seemingly randomly attached the E, it must be a Spanish thing...)

Unity assemble, pack and ship your watch so it arrives in 7 business days. I was skeptical, but they delivered to me in NL within the 7 days.

So, on to the watch I created. It's currently the only one like it in the world. If you want, you can pay 50% more on the purchase price and they will retire your design, so it is a completely unique one off. Otherwise, once you have designed yours, the site notifies you that someone has chosen this combination and design before.

Here's my watch.

The rather nice box -

And now the watch in the box with the 'credit card' warranty card

Let's dive in for a look at this beauty...

As you can see, black DLC case, bezel, case back and crown. Black screws for the "staples" (a new watch word on me!?)
You can see the clear inspiration from Panarai on the dial layout, but I think the overall similarity is just with the dial?

Here you can see the curve of the crystal a bit better

A side shot of the case and crystal

A case back shot with the Valanvron V24-2 - quite nicely finished and up there with my decorated 2824-2's...

Wrist shot

The full specification of my watch and serial, on the back of the warranty card, a nice touch

It's a very well finished watch and I like the quality of the DLC finish over PVD, very nice.
It's also very comfy and easy to read.

So, if you fancy something different, perhaps unique, for Glycine money, I'd check out Unity watches of Barcelona.
Also, Eduardo, the CEO of Unity was a pleasure to deal with and the customer service was excellent.
All in all, a good experience and I can recommend the finished product.