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Thread: Precista PRS17 with military provenance ?

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    Question Precista PRS17 with military provenance ?

    Hello from France,

    here a picture of a used Precista PRS17 Q (quartz);

    I know this watch is a reedition from Time Factors but by looking closely at the back we can see a nato stock number !!!

    What do you think of it ??



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    Found that :

    16 May 2007: PRS-17-Quartz allocated NATO Stock Number 6645-99-426-0190. This number is engraved on the back of all PRS-17-Q from 12 June 2007.

    So yes, the PRS 17 was allocated a nato stock number in 2007, but who was issued this watch, that is the question...
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    Scroll down and you will find the PRS17Q near the bottom. Click on the photo of the caseback
    and you will see nsn and 'issue numbers'. By Timefactors I'm guessing.

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    Yes, I saw that; but I am interested in knowing if some pieces were actually issued or not ?


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    As far as I know, none have been bought by HM Forces. However, I know that at least two PRS-17s have been downrange: mine and one other.

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    Nice pictures ! and nice watches !

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