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Thread: Ball EMII TMT

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    Ball EMII TMT

    After a long wait I finally managed to get hold of a Ball Engineer Master II TMT last month in Ernest Jones' sale. I had wanted one of these since first seeing one on a sale thread approximately 3 years ago. That was the first time I'd heard the term 'fugly', so I guess the watch splits opinion. You either love it or hate it! Three years ago the watch retailed at 1,580 and I don't believe it sold particularly well. When it hit the sales it was at 50% off and I picked one up from Selfridges in Manchester for 790. I'd just bought a Milgauss GV and this second purchase was not well received by my mrs! Therefore, under great duress, I returned the watch. A week later I regretted the decision and called Selfridges to ask if it was still available. I was told that it was, but the sale had ended and it was now 1,580. I was gutted!

    Shortly after, Ball increased the retail price to 2,390 overnight. Those who feel Rolex price increases are steep take note! Again, I kicked myself for having returned it. Anyway, after a long search and always checking in on the sale pages every 6 months I managed to land this one. It cost more than the original 790 but I'll just have to chalk that one down to experience!!

    I'm a big fan of Ball watches and have to say that I feel they are an under-rated brand. I've previously owned a Fireman Storm Chaser which I have to say was an absolutely superb, and well built watch. Retail on that was circa 1,800 and I have to say that the EMII TMT doesn't have the same 'feel' as that one. Probably because it's on a rubber strap? However, it is still a very lovely watch and I think that at around 1k represents a good buy. At 2,390 it's a different story though!!!

    I think the temperature guage is a bit gimmicky, but once off the wrist, the temperature reading is actually pretty damn accurate. As mentioned on a different thread, time keeping is currently a bit off and it runs at +10 seconds a day. I intend to get this regulated. The watch seems far better suited to casual occassions. Wear it with jeans and a t shirt and its fine. Wear it to work with a shirt and it doesn't quite seem right. Probably means I need to buy another watch to compliment this one!

    Anyway, below are a few quick and dirty photos. Overall, I'm very pleased with the Ball EMII and I hope I get to keep this one a bit longer than the others that I've bought!

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    Re: Ball EMII TMT

    Congrats on the pick up. Looks like you got there in the end.

    I have to agree with your sentiments regarding Ball as a brand. I had the Hydrocarbon Chrono acquired in the 50% sale but sold it soon after as it was a touch too big and light. I have since acquired the Hydrocarbon classic and am blown away with the quality and detailing. Literally out of everything I have owned this one just feels so well made and on the preowned market (or in the sale :lol: ) they are remarkable value for money.

    Enjoy 8)

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    Re: Ball EMII TMT

    Congrats on finally getting one! I've always liked the look of them especially the hydrocarbon but as you say the price seems to put me off. They always seem to appear with Hugh discounts so guess I need to just hold off till one comes along.

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    Re: Ball EMII TMT

    Congratulations, that is a one cool timepiece. Wont see that one "in the wild" pretty soon :wink:

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    Re: Ball EMII TMT

    I have to say that's very nice indeed. I have a Fireman Stormchaser myself which I keep thinking of selling but have so far managed to resist the temptation to part with it. I agree, a much underrated brand, the quality of finish and solid build greatly exceed their retail price.


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    Re: Ball EMII TMT

    I used to have one of these and it's a very attractive dlc diver. I agree the temp gauge is gimmicky and frankly of no use

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    Re: Ball EMII TMT

    Just out of interest, does the temp dial move when you put the watch on/take off?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GasMan118 View Post
    Just out of interest, does the temp dial move when you put the watch on/take off?
    Yes it does. I reckon it runs 5 degrees hotter on the wrist than it does off it. And I also reckon it's fairly accurate (allowing for the five degree difference!).

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    Good looking watch, great lume.

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    Great lume as always and the temp is a nice feature.

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    I have a Ball aviator, which is a great watch too. Temp. guage though? when its on, it will measuring the ambient temp of whats its on- your wrist, or table etc.

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    I'd only ever seen that model on the web, and until you posted the pics I hadn't realised the crowns weren't DLC coated. Strange, as they are coated on the Diver GMT.
    Anyway, I agree with your comment about the feel of it on a rubber strap. There's nothing wrong with the rubber strap itself, but I prefer it on leather.

    Great watches, and even better if you picked it up in the sale (even if not as cheap as you got it previously).

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