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Thread: When is a Seamaster a genuine Submariner.....

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    Re: When is a Seamaster a genuine Submariner.....

    I read through this thread yesterday during a brief moment of calm at work and had every intention of posting a reply but just never got round to it, and have only just rediscovered the thread on page 2.

    I to am gutted that you had to part with your [obviously] very much loved SM300, reading your story was almost like watching an episode of Long Lost Family on ITV but without the happy ending :cry:

    That said, it was a cracking read and thanks for sharing!

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    Re: When is a Seamaster a genuine Submariner.....

    Cheers chaps for all the recent replies and commiserations!

    I know I'm never going to find another to match, this one may have filled the gap: ... 4316wt_922

    But if I had over £7k to spend it would likely go on a 1665!



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    Re: When is a Seamaster a genuine Submariner.....

    Great writeup, thanks for sharing, enjoyed the photos too.

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    Thread revival

    Have just stumbled across this thread and read it Rob, what a great story and even greater watch with real provenance. I have to say I really feel for you having done all that research and due diligence, found the absolute perfect watch and buying from a real gentleman who had used it properly and put it to good test.
    Out of interest did you keep in touch with Norman J Fitzgerald and do you still have the Ingenieur?
    Stories like this on TZ are fantastic and another good reason this place is still great. It always amazes me when the people who write these type of really interesting threads apologise for going into great detail with photos and background info on their previous purchases, which others like me really enjoy reading. I really hope the answer to my questions above is yes. Thanks the the original thread Rob and fantastic photos.

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    Thatís a great story... the SM300 is the reissue that I wish Omega would release. I was genuinely gutted to read youíd sold it shortly after getting it. And for an IWC no less!!!

    Were you a fool? No... you made the trade that was right for you.... but I bet you miss the SM300 today!

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    Wow, I remember that story. Great read for the second time too.


    ..... for I have become the Jedi of flippers

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    Great story, shame you couldnít keep it but with this hobby things often donít hang around for too long!

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