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Thread: Victim of a robbery in Brussels

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    Victim of a robbery in Brussels

    I've been victim of a robbery in Brussels in July during my holidays, unfortunately some of my watches were still in the house. Here is the list:

    Company Model Serial Number
    Aero Lepine Décor alpages (see my Avatar)
    Tissot PR100
    Tissot TXL chrono Tablo
    Seiko Sportura Kinetic Auto Relay 180375
    Avia classic Model 3 196/200
    Poljot Sturmanskie Gagarin 40th aniversary 586/1000
    Raketa World timer blue dial
    Moscow Classic Amphibia black dial 086/250
    Roskopf Pocket watch (repair en the dial)
    Vostok Amphibia Blue Diver ("blue scuba dude") 420059-22
    Seiko 6139-6005 Pepsi Gold dial 2D7725/ Japan J
    Slava Pocket Chronograph (split second) 0594860
    Agat Pocket Chronograph white dial
    Tianjin - Seagull Chronograph "1963" model 0437
    Vostok Amphibia Black Diver("black scuba dude") 420634-22
    Vostok Komandirskie 2414406/811398-22
    Vostok Junior watch Dolfin chromium plated
    Vostok Amphibia 1967 1717/1967
    Vostok Neptune Blue
    Vostok Amphibia Radio room WUS special edition no date,
    engraving "?????" on the back 59/105
    Poljot Sturmanskie SS-18 black dial. Repolished case
    Vostok Komandirskie "Tank"
    2nd Moscow
    Watch Factory Marine Chronograph "Kapitanskie" from 1956 32093


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    Re: Victim of a robbery in Brussels

    Sincere commiserations. I can imagine you must be feeling gutted. I hope the thief is caught ... any clues left which might help identify him? Could it have been someone who knew you would be away?

    "After a certain age you got the face you deserve I think" ... Henri Cartier-Bresson

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