I have been looking for a suitable way of transporting a few watches, plus a couple of straps, in my hand luggage. I wanted something which was secure, packed into a small space, and didn't cost the earth. I tried the popular 4 watch cases, usually leather effect with cut outs for watches. I found that it was too deep. I also looked at watch rolls, but they had the same issues. Finally, I came across this knife case, which as I measured it from the website, seemed to be ideal. It was only 16.95, so it was worth a shot.

Anyway, without further ado, here we go :

It was delivered within 3 days which I thought was pretty good. It is made of a nylon 'ballistic' effect, with velcro for the outside, and one of the inner pockets of 3 also has velcro securing it. On the outside there is a removable (with velcro) clear wallet for business card or similar. The inside is a very soft fleece, which have not marked my watches whilst they have been inside. As can be seen from the photos, I have fitted a Breitling B1 inside - it will also just fit a 45.5mm Planet Ocean, however that is the largest I think will go inside. I will travel with 3 watches, plus straps in the opposing pockets - with a B1, Aqua Terra and a Seamaster Pro in the pockets, as well as 3 rubber straps, the total thickness is 1.5".

Overall a very cheap and useful carry case, which I will certainly use for my travels. It is not for watches where the strap cannot bend back, integrated straps etc, however I will just remove the straps in that case while I travel. There is also a 'big daddy' version, which can take up to 12.