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Thread: Duxford Flying Legends with Bremont

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    Duxford Flying Legends with Bremont

    Was very fortunate to get an invite to the superb flying Legends event at Duxford yesterday, got to see some amazing aircraft and the new Bremont P51 Mustang watch.

    Did have to leave a little early so missed the air incident but was very glad to hear both Pilots were unhurt.

    Some pictures of the day out, very well organised by the team at Bremont, my thanks to Sarah, Nick and Giles, it was a great day out and we all enjoyed ourselves. Would highly recommend attending next year if you get the chance.

    Just a few here if you want to see them all

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    Re: Duxford Flying Legends with Bremont

    What a great set of photo's, thanks.

    What a shame about the crash, I am pleased all are ok. The Jungmeister went down at Old Warden the other day, so two locally in the space of two weeks. :shock:



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    Re: Duxford Flying Legends with Bremont

    I bet those Bremont guys made a bee-line to the field to collect new created watch parts :wink:

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    Re: Duxford Flying Legends with Bremont

    Excellent photos. Sad loss of a historic aircraft thankfully the pilot bailed.

    Hope you managed to catch up with the Lightning Boys signing the new book ... 718&sr=1-1 my friend Steve was signing books.

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    Re: Duxford Flying Legends with Bremont

    Great photos mate! I only saw the Fokker Dreidecker take a tumble, as we left just as the balbo was finishing up.

    Here's a closeup of the bird that went down - Big Beautiful Doll - taken when I was taking a closer look at Fragile but Agile... If you ever get the chance to sit in one of those things - do! It was incredible. Am now planning trip to Chino, Ca to go do it properly!

    Big Beautiful Doll by Noodlefish, on Flickr

    And one in flight:

    BBD in flight by Noodlefish, on Flickr

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    Re: Duxford Flying Legends with Bremont

    Cracking pics and that looks like it was a great day out.

    Sad to lose a historic aircraft, but glad the pilot walked away.
    Dave E

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