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Thread: HMT Kaushal - mechanical

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    HMT Kaushal - mechanical

    Boy am I ever a happy camper. I love watches that manage to artistically reflect their home culture without being gimmicky.

    India's elegant and unique HMT Kaushal is one of those watches. I can't think of another country where a design like Kaushal would happen.

    Wonderful. Mechanical movement licenced from Citizen but built by HMT.

    Many, many thanks to my friend, Hari, for making this purchase possible. I'm grateful. This is a charming addition to my collection.

    Here 'tis:

    Here's the Wikipedia entry about the word Kaushal.

    I'm afraid that it'll take an expert to tell about the movement (that's not me) and I'm happy to learn any and all available details--so anyone who can, please fill me in.

    I just like the pretty watches :-!

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    Re: HMT Kaushal - mechanical

    Beautiful and I really like those lugs as well! Often when adding style to a watch they don't know when to stop but not the case here. Enjoy and wear it in good health!

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