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    I drive an E70 3.0d msport X5
    Itís a great car - 7 seats (not that I use them) and at £15k youíll easily pick something up thatís good
    My only expense has been a set of tyres / run flats but they...
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    First thing first - Iíd not put the lot in at once

    I find by drip feeding monthly into mine it deals with the peaks and troughs

    You can also decide what sort of risk you wish to take - again...
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    Thrilled with the result - now letís see him put the so called ďgreatĒ AJ (who Iíve never rated) - in his box.

    AJ canít win - as said prev itíll just be money

    Tyson Fury - you really are the...
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    I won a LOT of money from Mike Tyson -...

    I won a LOT of money from Mike Tyson - particularly just famous first round knockouts

    This Wilder seems to be wired - more fearce with his mouth and pre fight - would love to have seen him fight...
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    The Gypsy King.... fightnight

    Iím not stopping up for the fight but would love to see Fury win.

    Bookies canít split them.

    I think heís more prepared but Wilder makes Mike Tyson look like a puppy dog imo - scary and a huge...
  6. I love that TT

    I love that TT
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    Jonashop have it at a good price but Iíd have to pay import duty etc

    Any U.K. links?
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    Rado..... discounts?

    Iím tempted to try a Rado - and can equate approx 15% cashback via Quidco etc but Iím guessing there is more to be had?

    The watch is a smidge under £1400 new

    Any links or experience?
  9. Well done to everybody involved Great causes...

    Well done to everybody involved

    Great causes - I didnít win anything (sob) but all funds to a great cause that tbh wouldnít have received from me without the highlight

    Sometimes we need a...
  10. Im in late

    2 x tickets from me please - donated with gift aid too - well done
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    So sad to see how this has ended. The poor...

    So sad to see how this has ended.

    The poor girl must have been desperate and helpless

    I read a FB comment today saying that instead of judging her or missing her, do something...
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    It appears a box was ticked by her umbrella...

    It appears a box was ticked by her umbrella company that should not have been

    Her student loan stands - the PG one is an error and now to try and sort....
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    £35 of flowers delivered with a huge impact at her office

    The only girl thatís had them she says

    Some very jealous ladies lol

    She does lots for me - very supportive - so itís a very...
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    Any tax or wages folk that can help?

    My GF has shown me her payslips as she seems to be having a lot of stoppages

    It appears that as well as tax and NI she is being stopped amounts for;

    Student loan
    Postgraduate loan

  16. PSA; wallet deals at Debenhams 70% off

    SH4Q will give you free delivery

    Might be good for a...
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    Would you expect BMW to cover your fuel there and...

    Would you expect BMW to cover your fuel there and back?
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    Do not sell your LV

    The way prices are, itíll go back up

    It turkey is now an asset despite you not loving it as much as the other

    BLNR will sell fast - and as many say - could be replaced...
  19. She has no internet and no need for a tablet so...

    She has no internet and no need for a tablet so going to try her with Dora smart phone

    It looks like a souped up Android - sheíll be ok with it
    If not itíll go back on the Bay

    Thanks for...
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    The doro ďsmart phoneĒ looks ok as it goes - £60 eBay
  21. Smartphone recommendation for my mum - age 75

    My dad passed away in November leaving my rock of a mum alone - sheís putting a brace face on - but like all of us - missing dad.

    Sheíd like to receive pictures and videos - nothing flash right?...
  22. I used to work in IT asset management and this is...

    I used to work in IT asset management and this is a horror story waiting to happen

    Your computer equipment no matter how much you think youíll have deleted info from will still hold it in various...
  23. 36 inch waist M abd s slim fit jeans are a...

    36 inch waist

    M abd s slim fit jeans are a great fit

    They stop as somebody else said too much flappy leg

    Iím certainly not slim - but not huge

    Itís just a reference to the cut I...
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    All providers can now offer a CAP
    So if itís xxxx many mins you can say it never goes over
    Itís data theyíll eat though so get it capped

    Sky mobile is awesome as you can have a few sims and...
  25. Green faced diver style watches on bracelets?

    My nephew has a decent Seiko - but was ďwindow lickingĒ at a green faced Oris diver at the weekend

    Not a brand I know much of, though admire it for the value they offer

    Was wondering if...
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