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    "Cheat Sheet" for the Early El Primeros

    Here's a "Cheat Sheet" that I put together yesterday, showing photos, reference numbers and production numbers for the early El Primeros -- ... eat-sheet/
  2. Warning: Fraudulent Offering of Heuer / Hervue on Craigslist

    Warning: This listing of a Heuer / Hervue pair on CraigsList (Glascow) -- screen shot shown below -- appears to be a fraud.

    I know of someone who saw this same listing in late 2010, sent money...
  3. Re: How Do I Value Heuer Stopwatches New For Old?

    Can someone please post photos or reference number of Heuer stopwatch being discussed? Without a more detailed description, I would put the value of mint or new old stock Heuer stopwatch in the...
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    Re: 1942 Heuer 2 button Flieger

    Interesting watch and a great story . . . well done!!

    I've got one of the two-button guys (shown in the top photo) and two of the one-button guys (shown in the bottom two photos).

    I have...
  5. Heuer Porn of the Day (HPOTD) -- Carrera 2447 SN ("Panda")

    I've had this one for a while, but took a couple of new photos last night.

    Here's wishing everyone a great weekend!

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    Re: Tag Heuer Spirotechnique.

    These are great looking watches . . . here's mine.

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    Interesting chronograph set-up . . . seems to have only the chrono second hand, with no minutes or hours. So capacity of this very useful chrono will be 60 seconds.
  8. Re: McQueen's Le Mans Racing Suit: "Flipped" for Huge Profit

    And why, just why is this on watch talk ?[/quote]
    Steve McQueen and the movie Le Mans are closely associated with vintage watches, particularly the Heuer Monaco. The racing suit has the "Heuer"...
  9. Re: McQueen's Le Mans Racing Suit:

    This is correct for new watches, but things are very different in the world of vintage watches. We see many instances in which someone sells an old watch at one price, then sees someone else sell...
  10. McQueen's Le Mans Racing Suit: "Flipped" for Huge Profit

    What if you sold Steve McQueen's Le Mans Racing Suit for $155,000, and then watched your buyer "flip" it, a few months later, for $984,000?

    Read the story, here --...
  11. Re: New Bracelet / Watch Combination (Heuer Content)

    then again, it could be much worse . . . or to quote dr. suess, in Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?, "muchly more worse"!!

    another JB Champion, this time with the full-on bling (before it...
  12. Re: New Bracelet / Watch Combination (Heuer Content)

    I thought about that, but I am happier keeping it more free-form. For example, it was good to hear your general perspective on bracelets.

  13. New Bracelet / Watch Combination (Heuer Content)

    I was so excited to post these photos on another forum, and so far have received two very negative reactions to this bracelet (or, prehaps, this bracelet on this watch). And there are no supporters,...
  14. Re: Heuer Porn of the Day (HPOTD) -- Two Automatic Autavias

    There is no significance to the dates. When I am taking these photos, I am picky about the location of the hands (usually having them at around 10:09, the so-called "happy time"), but I don't pay...
  15. Heuer Porn of the Day (HPOTD) -- Two Automatic Autavias

    for no apparent reason, a couple of new Viceroy photos last night . . . a couple more, to be found in the Autavia Gallery -- ... 63VWAd.jpg

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    Re: It's all in the dial - Heuer Monaco

    It's great to see these beauties outside their cases, with the dials fully exposed.

    It's also good to remember the "worst case scenario" . . . the dreaded melted black gasket. Shown below -- in...
  17. Field Guide to Heuer Autavia, Reference 1163 (Black Dial)

    A couple of days ago, I posted a photo on this forum, showing four versions of the Heuer Autavia, Reference 1163, all with black dials. "even neve" questioned why I would want to own four such...
  18. Re: Heuer Porn of the Day (HPOTD) -- Four Automatic Autavias

  19. Re: Heuer Porn of the Day (HPOTD) -- Four Automatic Autavias

    Any watch that sells for at least 30% more than it's worth is called a "Derek Bell".

    So when the time comes, I hope that they are all Derek Bells . . . even the Viceroy!!

  20. Re: Heuer Porn of the Day (HPOTD) -- Four Automatic Autavias

    Well, the objective is to get the main time-of-day hands to be sitting at approximately 10:09 ("happy time", when the watch will be smiling), and I like the look of (a) the chrono second hand being...
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    Re: Types of watch hands

    Here are a few, primarily from the 1940s and 1950s . . .


    Thin Military...
  22. Heuer Porn of the Day (HPOTD) -- Four Automatic Autavias

    It's been a while since I posted the Heuer porn, so let's give it a go with this photo, showing four Autavias, Reference 1163. Rarest of all is the Chronomatic, on the left. Most common is the...
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    Re: Am off to New York..

    LouS has provided some excellent recommendations -- NYC is a great place for watch hunting, once you get away from the "usual places" -- Tourneau, Wempe, etc.

    Here is Hodinkee's guide to New...
  24. Spotted: TAG Heuer Monaco (with Guy Pearce and Wife)

    Yes, it's a paparazzi photo of Guy Pearce and his wife, Kate Mestitz, as she displays her TAG Heuer Monaco.

    So in the world of watch collecting, we have the "head shot" and the "wrist shot", and...
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    Re: Any bloggers out there?

    Yes, but do some research and be sure to use a platform / host / software that makes it easy to write / edit / use photos (if applicable). You want it to be effortless; spur of the moment, as easy...
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