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Lancaster ED603's last flight

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Those links make for both fascinating, and emotional reading.
More info here. The four others are lay buried in Workum. Fwiw: I know that town. A very old town with interesting old architecture, a wonderful museum. In all, a very quiet, friendly spot with strong-minded people (in a postive way). In the summer, a lot of 'boaties' come to Workum. It's one of the gateways from the inland waters to the open water of Lake IJsselmeer and ultimately the North Sea.
In the winter, it's quiet, with only the people who live there. The sort of community that must have embraced the buried crew members as 'They're our own now! We'll take car of them!' And I'm pretty sure that echoes into today's attitude of the people living there.

There's a small War Graves monument. Dedicated to more than the 4 members of now-found Lancaster. A few weeks earlier, the same happened. The pilots managed to land the plane on the shore near Workum (very shallow there - knee-deep) but the plane exploded when it was landed. Those are buried there as well.

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